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15,000 Lb x 44" Dahlstrom 3 arm Turnstile

Coil weight:                                        15,000 Lbs
Length of arms:                                     44"
Distance floor to top if arm w/o adj. base:         50"
Min. distance floor to top of arm w/ adj. base:     49"
Max. distance floor to top of arm with adj. base:   51"
Rod type arm height:                                9"
Rod type overall arm width:                         10"
Width of "U" channel for coil picking:              6"
Overall floor space:                                115" L x 115" D 
Overall height:                                     60"
Weight:                                             6,500 LBS.

Equipped with:
Manual rotation with locking pin 
Three crane lifting eyes

Located: Rockford, IL



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